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Eyejot is the first, comprehensive, client-free online video messaging platform ideal for both personal and business communications. It offers everyone the ability to create and receive video messages in a self-contained, spam-free environment. With no client to install, you can start using Eyejot immediately with any browser, on any platform.

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Eyejot easily works with all of the popular Web browsers on Windows and Mac OS X. Chances are, you already have the Adobe Flash Player installed so there is nothing more for you to install (for more information see system requirements).

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Eyejot in the Press

Video email turns heads at DEMO 2007 by Oliver Ryan
January 31, 2007
"Eyejot... was the most sexy." "When you see it, you can easily imagine the entire world of email moving from text to video." Article link

Tech company offers an eyeful... by Jefferson Graham
January 31, 2007 Article link

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